Takeaways from Impactful Innovation 2022

On November 7-8th Bridgewest Ventures New Zealand hosted their first annual Impactful Innovation Conference in Wellington, New Zealand. The event provided an opportunity to for everyone in the New Zealand start-up ecosystem to network, learn more about emerging trends in the technology and biotechnology industries, and have the opportunity to learn what it takes to build a billion-dollar business from people who have done it before.

The event featured six keynote speakers all of whom are leaders in their respective fields, and who have built and run cutting-edge businesses that generated billions of dollars in shareholder value.

By clicking the button below, you can read the biggest takeaways from each speaker’s keynote address.  We hope that it can provide helpful insight and direction to Kiwi entrepreneurs and new founders.

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To view more of Impactful Innovation 2022 in action, please Click Here.

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